Audience Council found SRF Golf an innovative experiment with room for improvement

The SRG.D Audience Council not only completed a five-day adventure tour of Switzerland for its October meeting, it also spent a lot of time on smartphones and tablets. Under observation were "Ready, Steady, Golf!" and the revised SRF app.


"Team Anic versus Team Julian" - that was the starting point of the trimedial format "Ready, Steady, Golf!", which could be followed from 11 to 15 September on SRF 3 radio, on SRF zwei television and on the web at The focus of the special project was on SRF 3 presenter Anic Lautenschlager and SRF 3 presenter Julian Thorner, who, with their teams, competed in a golf competition that took them from Lake Geneva to Lake Constance. On this journey across Switzerland, however, the primary focus was not to be on the competition, according to those responsible. "Ready Steady Golf!" also aimed to provide new insights into the country and its people on a daily basis.

Web users, radio listeners and TV viewers were able to experience the five-day golf event in a variety of ways. For example, via the livestream on and on TV SRF 2, which joined in early in the morning and broadcast a magazine and an uncommented "Best of Stream" in the evening. Radio SRF 3 was present live several times a day, with the start at 7.30 a.m., the checkpoint at midday and the finish at 5 p.m. all integrated into the programme.

A majority of the audience council described "Ready, Steady, Golf!" as an innovative trimedial experiment in which new technical possibilities were used. The moderation duo Lautenschlager/Thorner was perceived as likeable and confident, and the selection of team members was also pleasing. The comprehensive, clear online offer was also appreciated.

However, according to the audience council, the intended goal - to also address the peculiarities of the regions and people in "Ready, Steady, Golf!" - was not achieved to the extent expected. It therefore advises continuing to be open to experimentation, but to give even greater weight to the information content over entertainment next time. It also suggests rethinking the structure and scope of such formats and playing to the strengths of the various vectors even more consistently.

SRF app as a valuable news source

SRF launched a completely revised version of the SRF app at the end of 2016 and has continued to develop it in recent months. Alongside the Play SRF app, the SRF app is one of SRF's "main apps" and focuses heavily on news, some of which is enriched with analyses, classifications and background information.

Overall, the SRF app can convince the audience council. The innovations are well received, so that the app is used by most council members as a valuable news source in everyday life. The multimedia mix, the journalistic content and the graphic presentation are praised, as are the ease of use and the simple design. Added value is provided by the many links, videos and radio reports, which enable the user to obtain more in-depth information on individual topics.

The audience council sees room for improvement in the clarity of the homepage, in the weighting and filtering of regional news, but also in the push concept. It would also be pleased if the newsfeed could be more personalized. (pd)

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