Start of negotiations for a new media collective agreement

The CLA negotiations for the media in German-speaking Switzerland and Ticino have begun. The negotiating delegations have agreed on the working methods and seven rounds of negotiations until June 2018. A new CLA can come into force from January 2019 at the earliest.


The first round of negotiations for a new media CLA took place on October 16, 2017. It is intended to define the minimum working conditions for journalists and technical editorial staff in German-speaking Switzerland and Ticino. It is being negotiated by Impressum and Syndicom on the employee side and by the Swiss Media Association and Stampa Svizzera on the employer side.

On the first day of negotiations, the delegations agreed on the working method as well as on a total of seven meeting dates until June 2018. The negotiation contents were divided into eight topic blocks. Consultations of the relevant assemblies and bodies will take place in the spring. This will ensure that the outcome of the negotiations is broadly supported on both the employer and employee sides. In particular, it should do justice to all the different media companies and employee relationships.

If an agreement is reached, a CLA can come into force from January 2019 at the earliest. In any case, the assemblies of each association will have the final say. Initial substantive discussions on editorial values express the desire of all negotiating parties to consolidate cooperation on the basis of a new social partnership.

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