Studio 24: Radio 24 brings the best music mix back to the dance floor

It's glitter, glamour, colourful and all danceable. Radio 24 launches the new Studio 24 Party and brings the best music mix from the airwaves to the dance floor. The party series was inspired by "Studio 54". In the same groove, Radio 24 revives the wild New York times in Zurich.


"Studio 54" in New York was one of the most famous nightclubs in the world. The disco temple serves as inspiration for the Studio 24 Party and Radio 24 revives the best party tunes of the past 40 years. From Abba, Madonna and Michael Jackson to Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran and David Guetta. DJ Vitamin S provides the guests with the best music mix and presenters Dominik Widmer, Nina Roost, Maximilian Baumann, Céline Werdelis, Nick Laederach and Ralph Steiner are the hosts. With Club X-TRA, Radio 24 has found the perfect partner for Studio 24. The first edition of the party will take place on Friday, 20 October 2017.

The Klar agency stages the look and feel from the club scene of the time with a "transformation". In the process, the unadorned protagonist gradually becomes a funky Studio 24 party icon. Klar designed the overall appearance of the party series. Various online, social media and offline advertising materials as well as a film were realised for the launch.

Responsible at Radio 24: Barbara Novak (Marketing Manager), Florian Wanner (Managing Director). Responsible for brands at Klar: Marcel Benz (strategy/consulting), Peter Trüb, Lionel Büttner, Manuel Griestock, Sandra Medeiros (concept/creation/production). Photo/Film: Christian Dietrich Photography. Editing, motion design: Pascal Hofer (Tokijad).

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