Passenger TV: News portal Nau goes online before the end of October

The new online platform Nau is about to be launched: The 45-strong editorial team with numerous nationally and regionally well-known faces is practically complete. The team under editor-in-chief Micha Zbinden is currently completing the final dry runs.


"Almost a third of our 45-strong editorial team consists of flying reporters in six regions," says Nau editor-in-chief Micha Zbinden, former deputy head of sports at the Blick Group. In addition to Zurich, the regional teams are stationed directly on location in Bern, Basel, Frauenfeld, Lucerne and St. Gallen. The Graubünden editorial team will start in 2018. Zbinden: "Nau does the opposite of centralizing".

The average age of the editorial team is 29. Head of politics and deputy editor-in-chief Christof Vuille is 29, Zurich team leader Céline Brunner is 27, and Basel team leader Fabio Back is even only 21. "We consciously also rely on talented young journalists and give them responsibility. It's important to us that all Nau journalists are digital," says Zbinden.

In focus: The digital person with regional roots

Passenger TV intends to use its own content editorial team (Advertising week reported) will go online before the end of October. At the same time, Nau will provide the existing audience of screens in streetcars, buses and trains with news of a high quality standard. Livesystems, the parent company of Nau, operates with Passengertv the screens of about 50 public transport companies and with Gasstationtv the screens at gas stations and has a daily audience of 1.5 million people throughout Switzerland.

Nau as the media house of the future

Over the last ten years, the screen network in public transport and at service stations has been built up by the Bern-based company Livesystems in such a way that today each individual region can be covered with specific content. This applies to editorial content as well as advertising. "Nau can report in a locally differentiated way along the travel chain," says Nau Media CEO Yves Kilchenmann, "It's the medium of the mobile and digital generation."

In addition to the online and DooH platforms, an experienced 30-strong sales team is bundled under the Livesystems umbrella, which has been marketing Passengertv and Gasstationtv very successfully since the very beginning. Advertising customers throughout Switzerland can now choose from a massively broader and highly regarded range of products to put together solutions tailored to their specific needs.

The editorial management of Nau:

  • Micha Zbinden, 39, Editor-in-Chief, previously Deputy Head of Sports at "Blick" Group
  • Angelika Meier, 30, Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Head of People, previously People Team Leader and Blick am Abend
  • Christof Vuille, 29, deputy editor-in-chief, previously in charge of politics at "Blick" for 6 years
  • Matthias Bärlocher, 45, Deputy Desk Manager, previously Federal House Editor Radio24
  • Céline Brunner, 27, Team Leader Reporter Zurich, formerly Radio Energy
  • Fabio Back, 21, Team Leader Reporter Basel, previously Blick Newsroom/Sports Editorial Office
  • Céline Krapf, 29, Desk Manager, formerly Blick Newsroom
  • Michael Bolzli, 30, Head of Economics, Deputy Desk Manager, formerly Blick Newsroom
  • Peter Pflugshaupt, 47 , Sports Coordination, Deputy Desk Manager, former Deputy Editor-in-Chief of BernerBär, Blick-Sport, Bund
  • Pablo Sulzer , 30 , Video, formerly Bewegungsmelder, Radio RaBe, Telebärn
  • Haiko Rickhoff, 35, video, formerly Votox Film, Enschede "Nau" abroad
  • Jasmin Gruber, 30, Los Angeles, previously Ringier-Los Angeles
  • Simon Binz, 28, Brisbane, formerly AZ Media

Nau in Zurich:

  • Céline Brunner, 27, team leader, previously a radio journalist at Energy Zurich for 7 years.
  • Deborah Rullo, 27, previously 5 years producer and presenter Radio Energy
  • Pascal Scheiber, 19, previously VJ at Handelszeitung, Bilanz, Beobachter.
  • Conradin Zellweger, 29, journalism and communications scholar, founder of the online platform Tsü, video journalist and former freelance journalist.

Nau in St. Gallen and southeastern Switzerland:

  •  Linda Aeschlimann, 28, previously 5 years as an editor for Radio FM1 and FM1Today as well as a presenter for TVO East Switzerland.

Nau in Lucerne and Central Switzerland:

  • Alexandra Aregger, 25, previously 4 years radio presenter and producer at Radio Sunshine
  • Pia Riedweg, 28, former primary school teacher and skilled video journalist for Tele 1

Nau in Frauenfeld and region:

  • Samantha Zaugg, 23, previously 4 years as a producer and news presenter at Tele Top and at the online magazine

Nau in Bern:

  • Tama Vakeesan, 29, team leader, well-known presenter face from the youth channel Joiz, is switching from SRF to Nau and will also have a national presence here. Until the end of the year, the first SRF-Youtuber will still continue her vessel "Tama Gotcha!
  • Sandra Christen, 29, previously 4 years video journalist at TeleBärn, 2 years stage entertainment SRF.
  • Philipp Kobel, 29, previously Head of Sports at TeleBärn.

Nau in Basel:

  • Fabio Back, team leader, 21, previously 2 years video journalist at Blick Sport.
  • Katja Kopyto, 25, previously 2 years at Radio Energy.

... and many more talented media people who will give their best for "Nau" at the desk, in the live team, as reporters and in internship positions.

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