Poll: Population says yes to SRG but wants lower Billag fee

The population wants a lower Billag fee, but is behind SRG's core mission. This is the result of a survey commissioned by the Swiss Media Association on the No Billag initiative.


According to the report published on Thursday Survey 47 percent of voters are currently in favor of accepting the No Billag initiative. 37 percent are against. 16 percent are undecided. 27 percent of those in favor hope to save money if the initiative is adopted, while another 19 percent think the amount is too high. On the other hand, only 14 percent say they are dissatisfied with the program as the reason for their approval.

The pain threshold for the level of the Billag fee appears to be 400 francs per year, according to the survey, with a fee of 200 francs per year enjoying the highest level of approval among the population. The population therefore wants a lower Billag fee, but is behind the core mission of the SRG, concludes the Association of Swiss Media in a statement on Thursday.

The Swiss Media Association, which has always supported a fee-financed SRG, sees itself confirmed by the survey results. The SRG's offering is meaningful and useful where it complements the private media.

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