Media professionals demand investment in quality from Tamedia

The professional association Imprint and the media union Syndicom are calling on the Tamedia Group to invest in the quality of journalism in view of the good half-year figures, as they write in communiqués.


The Syndicom union is calling for an "immediate halt to all downsizing measures". The "attacks on in-house media diversity" announced last week are "completely unnecessary". The profit must be invested in media diversity, media quality, jobs and working conditions and must "not be allowed to seep into the pockets of the owner family and the executive floor," according to the Syndicom release.

The staff committees and unions must be able to have their say on how the investment of profits can be used to promote and strengthen the quality of work and media as well as media diversity in the Tamedia Group. Further demands are that the merging of editorial offices, the layoffs at Le Matin and the cost-cutting measures in the daily sickness benefits insurance be cancelled.

The Imprint association expects Tamedia to develop a strategy "that will ensure not only profits in the future, but also the diversity of journalism. Cross-subsidization within the group should not be a taboo. The unified editorial offices decided on by the Tamedia Board of Directors did not save journalism, but rather thinned it out. Imprint considers the savings strategy to be a "fundamentally wrong approach". A drastic restriction of the diversity of information will be unavoidable. (SDA)

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