Radio SRF's open treatment of the clitoris did not go down well with everyone

Some think that having passers-by draw a clitoris is stretching the public service envelope. "Others find the program "successful.


"The clitoris: demonized, concealed and discovered late" is the title of the SRF-3 program "Input", which was broadcast last Sunday and has since been online and can be listened to as a podcast. Presenter Reena Thelly asked passers-by to draw the female gender. As expected, the task presented most people with greater difficulties.

The clitoris painting prompt was not only met with criticism in social media, observed Switzerland at the weekend in Saturday's edition. The Zukunft CH foundation is also bothered by SRF's handling of the issue. Ralph Toscan of the foundation and former member of the committee "Against the sexualization of elementary school" finds the "way in which the sensitive topic was approached" "destructive." "The artificial-looking attempt to deal with this topic loosely results in a lack of dignity that no longer does justice to the subject," he tells the newspaper.

It cannot be part of the public service to "overstep the boundaries of good taste and thereby also offend the feelings of shame of many listeners, especially children and young people," Toscan thinks.

SRF 3 rejects the accusations. "Input" highlights what moves and interests people, including topics such as female sexuality, says spokeswoman Natalie Blasi. But of course they always adhere to their own journalistic guidelines, she assures.

On the other hand, there is praise from experts. The organization Sexual Health Switzerland finds the program "very successful, fun to watch and packed with information," says Managing Director Barbara Berger to Schweiz am Wochenende. She hopes that more shows like this will be produced in the future. (hae)

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