Merger of the Neuchâtel newspapers L'Express and L'Impartial

The two daily newspapers in western Switzerland, L'Express and L'Impartial, are to be merged in the autumn.


This was reported by the regional radio RTN on Thursday. According to the report, the new newspaper will be called "Arcinfo". According to an internal memo, a plan for early retirements is ready. The owner, the Société neuchâteloise de presse, would not confirm the information when asked by news agency SDA. A Opinion but was published in the Friday editions of both papers.

"We are in a difficult economic situation marked by a sharp decline in advertising and sales revenues," reads the internal memo obtained by SDA. There were therefore no alternatives but a solution that would have an impact on employees.

The early retirement plan affects employees who would have retired in the next few years. Their retirement is now to be brought forward by a maximum of 24 months between 2017 and 2021. This could save ten jobs, it said. (SDA/hae)

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