A new free gazetteer for Lucerne

With a print run of 10,000 copies, the new leisure and lifestyle ad will appear in print for the first time in the Lucerne region on Wednesday.


If the product is successful, print editions in other Swiss cantons are to follow. The 64-page glossy magazine in A6 format will be available from Wednesday in over 600 Lucerne and Central Switzerland businesses such as restaurants, hairdressers and pubs, the publisher Marktindex announced on Tuesday.


The magazine includes gastronomic tips, recipes, leisure and excursion tips as well as people photo series. The free newspaper will be published monthly. The contributions will be linked with articles on the associated online portal expanded. This deals with lifestyle, leisure, gastronomy, event as well as corporate and service topics. The edition in Lucerne is a start-up project, said managing director Roger Givel at the request of the news agency SDA. If it is successful, the offer will be expanded and extended to other cantons. The newspaper is published by Marktindex AG. The company, based in Lucerne, employs around seven people, according to its own information. (SDA)

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