is discontinued

The NZZ's digital pay product for Austria has not achieved its goals in the market and will therefore be discontinued at the end of April. The NZZ Media Group is continuing its internationalization strategy and retaining its Vienna location.


In January 2015, the NZZ Media Group launched It was the first new product the Group launched after adopting its strategy of focusing on journalism, and provided the initial spark for a series of product innovations in print and digital. "With a lot of heart and soul and a dedicated team, we were the first in Austria to launch a digital pay offer. We developed the product several times, yet it still fell short of our expectations," says Veit Dengler, CEO of NZZ Media Group. The media company has now decided to discontinue the paid product at the end of April. Anita Zielina, Head of Digital Products at NZZ Media Group, explains: "We have learned a lot about digital product innovation at Innovation also means stopping things that don't work." As a result of this decision, five employees will be terminated by the end of September. The NZZ Media Group is supporting them in this process.

The NZZ Media Group will retain its Vienna location. Employees from the video and data analysis departments already work for the Group in Vienna. Germany and Austria remain important markets for NZZ. "We see, for example, from the user figures on and social media, that NZZ content is in demand throughout the German-speaking world. The decision to discontinue is not a rejection of internationalization, but of this offering in this form," says Veit Dengler, CEO of the NZZ Media Group.

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