Social plan signed for staff of L'Hebdo and Le Temps

Two months after the announcement of the closure of L'Hebdo magazine and the restructuring at Le Temps, the staff representatives have signed a social plan with Ringier Axel Springer Switzerland.


The social plan has received the unanimous support of the affected staff, according to a joint statement from Imprint and Syndicom on Thursday. It said the 40 or so employees affected by the layoffs had achieved substantial improvements. For example, the eleven people who will retire early at age 59 will receive higher pensions and longer notice periods. The other dismissed employees also benefited from an extension of the notice period by up to four months and higher severance pay.

The negotiations, which lasted around eight weeks, took place in a constructive atmosphere, the statement continues. Imprint and Syndicom welcomed the result, but at the same time regretted that the management of Ringier Axel Springer Switzerland had rejected all alternative economic measures at the end of February, which would have made it possible to reduce the number of redundancies. They also said it was regrettable that the unions had not been able to participate directly at the negotiating table. (SDA)

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