SDA defends itself against unequal treatment

SDA refrains from reporting on topics that were previously leaked exclusively to other media. SRF joins in.


The Swiss Dispatch Agency (SDA) has had enough of preferential treatment of individual media and set an example on Monday: The study "More and more rarely do children in Switzerland play outdoors", which was commissioned by Pro Juventute and made available exclusively to the NZZ am Sonntag, was not included in the coverage on Monday.

A communiqué on the study was sent to the other media on Monday. "The contents are therefore already known," writes the SDA in a statement. And further: "By refraining from reporting, the SDA is sending a signal against the increasing trend to treat the media unequally in the dissemination of information."

The new course is apparently being followed through. Already on Tuesday, the next topic will be boycotted. Once again, the reason is the preferential treatment of the NZZ am Sonntag - this time by Credit Suisse, which has made the "Global Wealth Report" exclusively available to the Sunday paper. On Sunday, Credit Suisse refused to publish the report when asked by SDA, writes the depeche agency. One had been referred to the blocking period up to the medium conference on Tuesday. As a result, no report on the Credit Suisse Research Institute report will be distributed via SDA on Tuesday.

Incidentally, SRF joins the refrain from reporting on the Global Wealth Report, as TV Editor-in-Chief Tristan Brenn announced via Twitter. (hae)

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