Publishers regret SRG decision

SRG goes to the Federal Court over Admeira. The Swiss Media Association regrets this.


The SRG does not agree with a ruling by the Federal Administrative Court. At the beginning of October, the court ruled that the media companies and the Swiss Media Association can take legal action against the controversial Admeira advertising alliance. They are also granted the right to inspect files. SRG has therefore filed an appeal with the Federal Court ( reported).

"Uncertainty unnecessarily prolonged"

The Swiss Media Association is unhappy with this decision. It regrets that SRG does not accept the clear decision of the Federal Administrative Court and thus unnecessarily prolongs the phase of uncertainty for advertisers, employees and the media industry, it said in a statement on Wednesday. It said the Federal Administrative Court had taken corrective action because the proceedings had disregarded the Federal Constitution's requirement that private media be taken into account. In view of the clear language of the Federal Administrative Court, it is assumed that the Federal Court will confirm its decision.

"This procedure is first about access for the private media companies on an equal footing. Obviously, the SRG is trying to prevent the private media's insight into the actual dossier at all costs," writes the publishers' association.

SRG lets Federal Court decide

The Swiss Media Association wants to take action against Admeira because it believes that private media companies would be massively impaired in their scope for development and expansion by the Admeira advertising alliance. If this is the case, the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (Uvek) can prohibit SRG from participating or at least impose conditions on it.

In February, the Uvek already rejected an application by the publishers, thus preventing a suspensive effect on the start of Admeira's operational activities. in april 2016 prevented. The undisputed increased competition in the advertising market from SRG and Admeira was not found to be a sufficient reason for taking sides at the time.

In October 2016, the Federal Administrative Court ruled that publishers and private media companies may take legal action against Admeira and that the matter will go back to the Uvek ( reported). This decision could be appealed to the Federal Court and SRG has recently made use of this possibility ( reported). (hae)

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