Susanne Wille hosts "10vor10" again

Political journalist Susanne Wille is taking on new responsibilities within SRF's Information department and will once again be part of the "10vor10" moderation crew starting in 2017.


Susanne Wille has worked for SRF for 15 years in various capacities as a political and news journalist. From 2001 to 2011, she was a reporter and anchor for "10vor10," then moved to Bern as a correspondent for the Federal Parliament and has been a reporter and anchor for "Rundschau" since 2013. In the course of her career to date, she has produced various series of reports, including from Iran, Russia and Turkey. In addition, Susanne Wille presented various special broadcasts, most recently the twelve-hour live coverage of the National Council and Council of States elections, the Federal Council elections, as well as the broadcast of the Gotthard opening.

At the beginning of 2017, Susanne Wille will take on a new dual role within SRF's Information department: Susanne Wille will reinforce the project team that deals with the future direction of news broadcasts in the newsroom, where all daily news formats will be produced at SRF from 2019. At the same time, Susanne Wille will anchor the news magazine "10vor10" in rotation with Arthur Honegger and Andrea Vetsch. She will also continue to host various special broadcasts and be available for "Rundschau" on a selective basis.

Editor-in-chief Tristan Brenn: "With the digital transformation, the demands on news formats on TV are also changing. I'm delighted to be able to count on Susanne Wille's expertise in developing our future information offering."

Christian Dütschler, editorial director of "10vor10": "Background reports and controversial live interviews are an important part of "10vor10". Susanne Wille is a convincing and confident interviewer in the "Rundschau" and in demanding special broadcasts. I am very pleased that Susanne has agreed to bring this know-how to "10vor10" in the future."

Susanne Wille in a statement: "A change of era is about to take place in news broadcasting. I'm looking forward to taking on more responsibility in this crucial phase. It is a new task. I can play an active role in the strategic reorganization of the news broadcasts and at the same time work on the news front at '10vor10'. The offer for this dual function convinced me."

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