"Tagesschau" upsets Romansh people

Tageschau" has infuriated the umbrella organisation of Romansh speakers. The failure to mention Romansh in a feature about languages in Switzerland has resulted in an intervention with the Ombudsman's Office of SRG Deutschschweiz.

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The Lia Rumantscha, the umbrella organisation for Romansh language associations, has objected to Wednesday evening's main edition of "Tagesschau". The programme reported on Switzerland's quadrilingualism and multilingualism, with no mention of Switzerland's fourth national language, Romansh, the association said on Thursday.

The Lia Rumantscha's complaint about the programme to the Ombudsman's Office of SRG German-speaking Switzerland is essentially that the "Tagesschau" programme did not comply with the requirements of the Federal Law on Radio and Television. It also criticised the failure to mention Romansh as a partial official language.

SRF said on Thursday that the "Tagesschau" had singled out one aspect in its coverage of the Federal Statistical Office's language report, namely the shift in the main languages. In the case of Romansh, there had been no significant change between 1970 and 2014. For this reason, Romansh was not explicitly mentioned in the text and graph. According to SRF, this omission could have been briefly mentioned in the text. The complaint to the Ombudsman's Office of SRG German-speaking Switzerland SRF takes note, it said. (SDA)

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