Digital radio overtakes FM

In Switzerland, 53 percent of radio is consumed digitally. This means that digital is stronger than analogue for the first time.


Digital radio usage was surveyed for the third time in spring and the results were presented at the Swiss Radio Day in Zurich. In spring 2016, out of 100 radio minutes per day, the Swiss used DAB+ or the internet for an average of 53 minutes. Digital radio usage has therefore risen by 8 percent within a year: from 45 percent in spring 2015 to 53 percent in spring 2016.

DAB+ and Internet together replace FM

The use of the two digital reception modes (DAB+ and Internet) are both increasing by 4 percent each, while analogue FM continues to lose importance. While at work and at home, significantly more digital radio is now listened to than FM. In vehicles, digital radio use is also rising steadily, but only accounts for a share of 30 percent of total radio use.

Growth for all generations

Digital radio is used by all age groups. Among the radio audience up to 55 years of age, digital use has already overtaken analogue. Listeners under 55 are increasingly switching from FM to internet radio, while older listeners are more likely to switch to DAB+. Among the under 35s, two thirds of usage is already digital, of which the larger proportion is internet radio.

Switzerland goes digital

In German-speaking Switzerland, the proportion of digital radio consumption is increasing significantly compared with the last survey in autumn 2015. However, Latin Switzerland is also increasingly benefiting from the advantages of digital radio. DAB+ is also gaining a stronger foothold here.

Digital migration is getting closer

Since spring 2015, GfK Switzerland has been conducting a semi-annual survey on behalf of the DigiMig working group to determine the status of digital radio usage in Switzerland. Digital Migration" working group (DigiMig) In spring 2013, the radio industry and the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) formed the "Digital Migration" working group (AG DigiMig). It includes representatives from the Association of Swiss Private Radio Stations (VSP), the Union Romande des Radios Régionales (RRR), the Union of Non-Commercial Local Radio Stations (Unikom), SRG SSR, Bakom, the automotive industry and other industry groups. In Switzerland, digital radio is to gradually replace analogue FM reception from 2020. At the end of 2014, the DigiMig WG presented the Federal Council with a scenario for the switchover from analogue to digital. Already today, the SRG and most private radio stations broadcast their radio programmes in parallel to FM also via DAB+, some even exclusively digitally.

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