Radio advertising: Programmatic platform launched

Swiss Radioworld launches Europe's first national programmatic platform for classic radio advertising.


Swiss radio advertising is moving into the future: With the launch of an SSP (Sales Side Platform) for classic spots, Swiss Radioworld (SRW), together with the majority of private radio stations, is opening up new opportunities for advertisers.

Automated, more dynamic and enriched with additional data, the audio broker SRW will handle radio campaigns from 2017. The buzzword for this is "programmatic". For Managing Director Ralf Brachat, however, the benefits for the customer are in the foreground. Theoretically, weather-based campaigns or spots with reference to sports results are already possible today - but only with enormous personnel effort. "In the future, the customer places a budget for a hail campaign, for example. The connected weather server then automatically ensures that the spot for the hail protection insurance is broadcast in the right place on time," says Brachat.

SRW is already implementing the first implementation step in the form of an SSP together with the private radio stations by the end of 2016. This is a first at national level in Europe. The technical platform automates manual processes between advertisers and broadcasters and is an ideal playground for innovative audio products: From short-term, sports result-dependent subject changes to dynamic bookings, new possibilities open up for all parties involved. Aprile Consulting (ACG) from Hamburg is responsible for the technical implementation, with systems from Amily, Munich and Adremes & Co KG, Hamburg implemented here.

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