Twitter secures NFL streaming rights

Twitter has secured the online rights for Thursday games of the American Football League NFL.

The short message service has prevailed in a bidding war against, among others, the telecom and media group Verizon and the online giant Amazon, wrote the financial service Bloomberg and the technology blog Recode on Tuesday. The broadcasts could be an opportunity for Twitter to attract more Internet users and provide them with a platform to comment on what's happening. The influx of new members to the service ebbed recently. Last quarter saw a decline in the number of active users for the first time. Initially, it was not disclosed how much Twitter will pay for the rights.
Facebook is also said to have been interested for a time in Thursday's NFL games - but then dropped out of the bidding war. The rights for the TV broadcasts are held by CBS and NBC. They, too, will be able to show the games online. (SDA)

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