Swiss payment apps: Three quarters run on iPhones

Most users of financial apps in Switzerland have an Apple mobile phone. This is the result of research by the Handelszeitung.

The Apple share of the Paymit payment app is a good three quarters of all installations. UBS told the newspaper that the share was 75 percent, while the Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB) even put it at 77 percent. A representative of the ZKB explains the high share with the fact that Apple customers have a much greater affinity for payment apps than owners of phones with the Google Android system.

According to current figures from the Y&R Group, around 42 percent of all mobile phones in Switzerland currently run Apple's iOS operating system. 48 percent have Android, the remaining 10 percent niche systems such as Windows or Blackberry OS. Other financial apps also show shares well above Apple's Swiss smartphone market share. Twint's iPhone share is two-thirds, Postfinance has 71 percent and Migros Bank's mobile app has 60 percent Apple share.


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