Mediapulse: Franz Bürgi becomes new Managing Director

Franz Bürgi is to become the new Managing Director of Mediapulse. The 53-year-old electrical engineer with management experience will take over the management of the national institution for radio and TV research on 1 November 2015.

The Board of Directors of Mediapulse has appointed Franz Bürgi as the company's Chief Executive Officer. Franz Bürgi, who holds a degree in electrical engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and an Executive MBA from the University of St. Gallen, will join the company on 1 November 2015. Until he takes up his post, Franziska von Weissenfluh Stäheli, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mediapulse AG, will lead the Executive Board as Delegate of the Board of Directors.

According to the statement, Franz Bürgi has a broad range of management experience in the IT, telecommunications, media and energy sectors. Born in Oppligen in the Aare Valley in Berne, Bürgi's professional experience includes Swisscom (Multinational Corporations division), Espace Media Groupe (CIO, member of the Executive Board) and BKW, where he was a member of the Energy Switzerland division management and Managing Director of BKW's subsidiary for new renewable energies, Sol-E Suisse. The passionate sailor and amateur musician currently heads the Energy division of Schneider Electric Switzerland.

Franziska von Weissenfluh Stäheli, Chairman of the Board of Directors, has high expectations of Bürgi's commitment: "Mediapulse must now face the challenges of the digital transformation and the increased demands of our clientele. To this end, we have revised and optimised our strategy as well as our structures and processes in recent months. In Franz Bürgi, we have chosen a proven leader as Managing Director of Mediapulse, who will represent our company externally as a contact person with strong communication skills and internally drive the necessary innovation processes with prudence and foresight."

von Weissenfluh Stäheli does not see the fact that Franz Bürgi has only limited industry experience in the field of TV and radio as a disadvantage: "Mediapulse does not need an industry intimate, but rather an analytical and technology-savvy team leader with entrepreneurial skills and extensive experience in the management of complex projects. With Franz Bürgi, we are strengthening the basis of trust with our numerous stakeholders and clients and thus also underlining our independence in the field of modern usage research!"

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