NZZ Media Group launches new online portal for Eastern Switzerland with FM1 today

September sees the launch of FM1 today, the new eastern Swiss online portal of the NZZ media group. FM1today offers news, entertainment and services for a younger target group and is intended to complement the existing online offering of the Tagblatt media.

The new online portal sees itself as a sister medium of FM1, the regional radio station in eastern Switzerland. FM1 today and Radio FM1 have the same target group, talk about the same topics and, according to the announcement, will both accompany the people of eastern Switzerland through the day. For this reason, the two media have been working together convergently in a joint, significantly expanded editorial department since the start of the project. This also includes the eastern Swiss television TVO, which contributes current video content. "With the new platform FM1 today, we will massively increase our digital reach in Eastern Switzerland," explains the Head of Reach Media of the NZZ Media Group, Caroline Thoma.

For the NZZ Media Group, FM1 today is already the fifth new product this year. At the same time, FM1today is the first project of the innovation cell launched in October under the leadership of Caroline Thoma. This innovation cell brings together the electronic media in eastern Switzerland, Radio FM1 and TVO, in order to link television, radio, online and mobile more closely together.

Work on the new online portal is in full swing. André Moesch, Head of Electronic Media in St. Gallen: "In the final phase, we are working on everything at once: content, technology, marketing, organisation. The team has grown together very quickly, is highly motivated and is looking forward to the launch in September."

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