Sunshine Radio in a new dress

Central Switzerland's private radio station Sunshine Radio now presents itself as even more modern, urban and entertaining. With the new logo and the new jingles, this is to be doubly underlined.

Sunshine Radio is not just putting on a new summer dress. The claims "News & Hits für d'Zentralschwiz" and "Let the Sunshine in" stand for lifestyle, core values, modernity and the region at the same time, according to the statement. Sunshine Radio wants to represent the urban Central Switzerland even better with the consistent innovations. On Friday, 26.06.2015, the new logo was unveiled on the Kapellplatz, during the Lucerne Festival, in Lucerne.


The claim "News & Hits für d'Zentralschwiiz" sets the main direction of the program. Sunshine consistently plays hits of the modern era. The content with news and stories is entirely geared to Central Switzerland. This means that anyone who listens to Sunshine Radio knows what's going on in Central Switzerland - but world events that interest Central Switzerland are also important.

The second claim, "Let the Sunshine in," is not only a "retro trend" and reminiscent of courageous radio pioneers. "Let the Sunshine in" also stands for the fresh, cheeky, friendly entertainment and rubrics that help define the program. Music plays a central role. The new morning show "Sunny Side up", gets the Central Swiss into the day - the following show "Hitarbeiter" gets Central Switzerland through the working day in a motivating way - and the evening show "Sunshine Feierabend" celebrates the end of the day, which the listeners truly deserve. Sunshine Radio aims to be the perfect informative, fresh and entertaining companion throughout the day. What's happening in the region and the world? Which club is hot right now? What's the top story of the day? Who's topping the charts? Which celebrity just became a father? What does the new album by ... sound like? Sunshine Radio has the answers ready every day.

In cooperation with the internationally renowned Dutch company Pure Jingles, the latest jingles were created, sung by Caroline Chevin, among others. The new Sunshine Radio is joined by the professional male station Voice, known from films, series and television. Sunshine Radio thus gets the voice and the sound that the hit radio station of Central Switzerland always wanted.


To visually support the new program, a new logo was designed in collaboration with the Lucerne design agency Wave. The lettering "Sunshine Radio", as the name, is the most important element in the new logo, which is kept in simple 2 colors, blue and yellow.

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