Ringier forges alliance with Ticino publishers

Ringier, Corriere del Ticino and the publishing house Rezzonico have decided to launch a publishing alliance. The aim is to create synergies and cooperation in both the print and digital sectors.

The agreement provides for the acquisition of a minority stake of 45 percent in the share capital of Rezzonico SA by Corriere del Ticino, according to a statement on Friday. Ringier AG and Corriere del Ticino, on the other hand, do not have any shareholdings in the share capital.

For some time now, Ringier has been present on the Italian-speaking Swiss market together with Rezzonico as co-publisher of the Sunday newspaper il Caffè. The participation of Corriere del Ticino in Rezzonico favors stronger multimedia cooperation between the three groups on a national level. The aim is to consolidate and strengthen the products of the individual companies in an economic environment characterized by strong change.

Through this agreement, Ringier can also count on multimedia partners in Italian-speaking Switzerland for the development of its products. At the same time, Rezzonico and Corriere del Ticino will have the opportunity to rely on one of Switzerland's biggest publishers for the development and expansion of their projects, especially in the digital sector.

The agreement concerns economic and organizational aspects. The alliance therefore has no influence on the editorial policies of the three parties and on the independence of the respective editorial teams, Ringier assures in the release. Publishing cooperation projects are already being planned and will be worked out in the coming months, it said.

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