The most popular Youtube videos in Switzerland

On its tenth birthday, Youtube publishes the most popular videos in Switzerland. Among the ten most clicked clips is also a Swiss contribution.

Two very small ones are at the top: "Charlie bit my finger" is the most viewed YouTube video in Switzerland over the last ten years. A Swiss contribution also made it into the best list, namely an excerpt from the comedy program of Cabaret Divertimento.

Swiss Youtube scene takes off

The local YouTube scene is growing steadily and has more and more members. Since the launch, Swiss creators have created and uploaded countless videos. With their videos, the Youtubers reach an audience far beyond the country's borders and can monetize their videos with the partner program. Beatboxer Pepouni, beauty vlogger Julia Graf and comedian LeGrandJD, for example, have been present on YouTube with their videos since the beginning and are now among the established stars. New, up-and-coming talents join the Swiss Youtube scene almost daily. The newly married couple Alysa & Colvin, aka Mr. & Mrs. Vlogs, tell stories about everyday life as a couple and thus hit the nerve of the time. Musically on the road is Roli as Harproli . With his harmonica sounds he fascinates young and old. His success proves him right: his channel receives over 8,000 visitors a day. Worldwide, the partner program has over one million partners from 30 countries.

Successful brand positioning and interaction with customers

Swiss companies are increasingly discovering and using YouTube as an efficient advertising channel, as well as for positioning their own brand. Appenzeller cheese, a traditional brand from eastern Switzerland, positions itself with its campaign "Switzerland's spiciest secret" via Youtube with customers at home and abroad. Swisscom also uses Youtube to interact with customers through innovative campaigns such as the legendary Youtube live stream "All Eyes on S4" at Zurich HB. In addition to innovative forms of advertising such as Trueview, the reach also makes the platform attractive for advertisers, as Youtube.

The YouTube Development Center in Zurich

Numerous key functions of Youtube are developed at the Zurich site. The Zurich developers focus on technologies and innovations that are constantly improving for users, content providers and advertisers. Specifically, they are working here on Youtube Analytics, video ads such as the skippable Trueview ads, and "Content ID," a feature that ensures copyright protection on the platform. "The Youtube team at Google Switzerland develops Youtube services that are used by millions of users, creators, partners and advertisers worldwide every day," says David Erb, Engineering Director for Youtube in Zurich.

Top 10 Videos Switzerland in the last 10 years (*)

1. charlie bit my finger - by HDCYT

2. wheels on the bus nursery rhymes - by LittleBabyBum

3rd Winner Stays. ft.Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Rooney, Ibrahimović, Iniesta - by Nike Football

4. evian baby&me - by EvianBabies

5. the AnnoyingOrange - by daneboe

6 The Ultimate Fails Compilation ✔ - by FunnyvideosArchive

7. integration test poll (what was not sent) - by TeddyComedy

8th DivertiMento - 8 Popstern Casting - 4 Julian Kaufmann - by uthj78

9. the sneezing baby panda - by jimvwmoss

10. the evolution of dance - by judsonlaipply

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