Mediapulse: Switzerland loves radio and TV

At its annual conference in Bern, Mediapulse presented a positive set of financial statements for the past financial year and the latest figures for radio and television. Both media continue to be very popular with the Swiss.

After a turbulent 2013, Mediapulse can look back on a calmer 2014 financial year. This is reflected not least in the pleasing annual financial statements of the independent research institution for radio and television usage: The company generated an operating result before interest and taxes of CHF 617'000 and a corporate profit of CHF 554'000. The positive result enables provisions to be made and thus secures future investments in the two metering systems.

A look at Mediapulse's development plans shows how important this financial backing is. The radio measurement system is to be fundamentally renewed in the next two years, and the next major development step is already being planned for the television measurement system.

Radio and television still top

The data from Mediapulse's two measurement panels show that the importance of radio and television remains high, even in times of increasing media competition. Radio remains the mass medium of choice in 2014. Every day, almost nine out of ten Swiss (87%) switch on a radio set and consume an average of 104 minutes of radio programs . Even in the youngest age group of 15-24 year olds, radio reaches around three out of four people every day (73%).

The population spends even more time watching television. An average of 134 minutes a day with a daily reach of 65 percent . This means that TV consumption not only stabilized last year, but is actually rising slightly. Viewers are increasingly taking control of the program themselves: In the fourth quarter of 2014, 8.4 percent of TV consumption in Switzerland was already time-shifted.

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