Rickli criticizes SRF over Furrer's trip to Australia

Comedian Sven Furrer travels across Australia for SRF. Unnecessary, says National Councilor and SRF critic Natalie Rickli.

As part of the six-part "Dok" series "12,378 km Australia - Sven Furrer on the road", noble corn comedian Furrer explores the fifth continent. The show started on November 21 and is broadcast weekly. According to Schweiz am Sonntag, media politician Natalie Rickli is not very happy about the show. She considers it "absolutely unnecessary" that "such a program is produced with our fees. After all, countless TV stations have already broadcast documentaries and films about Australia, and all the information about this continent can be found on the Internet. Luck of the draw for Furrer: As Rickli told the newspaper by telephone, the criticism is not directed against his person - she thinks he is good as a comedian. SRF would not comment on the criticism. The next episode of the series will air on December 5 at 9 p.m. on SRF 1. (hae/SaS)

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