"TV Preview 2015": Premiere at the Folium

At the "TV Preview 2015" event, held for the first time by Goldbach, broadcast managers from Germany and abroad personally introduced their diversified program colors and presented an exclusive preview of their content for the coming TV year 2015.

Goldbach Media launched the "TV Preview" for the first time on Thursday, October 23, 2014. In the modern industrial setting of the Folium, an exclusive preview of the 2015 programming highlights of the diversely positioned channels Comedy Central, DMAX, MTV, N24, Nickelodeon, N-TV, RTL Nitro, Sport1, Super RTL, Teleclub Sport and Viva CH was presented.

Mark Woodpecker

At Viacom's first screening of the day, Mark Specht highlighted the station group's national and international target group studies and introduced the advertisers present to the portfolio, which will be restructured starting in October. Nickelodeon will be broadcasting an extra hour for the children's target group, before the new "Nicknight" track airs from 9 p.m. onwards. Comedy Central has also added a whopping three hours of airtime, and Mark Specht urged guests to attend the station's live "Quatsch Comedy Club" with Michael Mittermeier in Zurich in December. At Viva, the focus is now once again on music, with a program share of 80 percent, and MTV, like all of the Group's stations, is increasingly focusing on interactivity and online, and has just launched the MTV Play app, which makes digital content available online.

Claudia Lässer

At N24, Managing Director Torsten Rossmann revealed that in the future, documentaries in particular will set the tone alongside news. This is not least due to the takeover of the station by Axel Springer, which has merged the TV station with the "Welt" editorial team. Claudia Lässer, the new head of programming at Teleclub, made the comprehensive Teleclub sports program palatable to the guests, where over 5000 live events will be shown in the coming year, 4000 of them exclusively. Those who just want to be a man will get their money's worth at DMAX: Managing Director Susanne Aigner-Drews had Jumbo Schreiner, the station face of her own production "Test my Ride," in her luggage, who talked about his fascination with cars. The male target group also got its money's worth at the subsequent presentation of Sport1 - the station is launching in Switzerland in mid-November and was introduced by Dr. Matthias Kirschenhofer.

Jumbo Schreiner and Susanne Aigner-Drews

At the latest Media Group RTL screening, Super RTL CEO Claude Schmit was pleased to be the biggest channel among the little ones for once. He spoke about the new strategic partner Dreamworks, which will provide the children's and youth channel with more than 1,000 hours of programming over the coming years, and the importance of investing in in-house productions. His colleague Hans Demmel then presented the programming of his station N-TV, which, in addition to classic news, also covers sports and luxury with the new "Premium-Longe" format. Oliver Schablitzki, division manager of RTL Nitro, concluded by again highlighting the viewing needs of men. The channel's lineup next year will mainly include comedy, feature films, U.S. series and documentaries.

Claude Schmit

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