Street Parade breaks the million barrier

AZ Medien's family of TV channels breaks the sound barrier of one million viewers per day and achieves high market shares during the live broadcast of the Street Parade 2014.

1,047,332 people tuned in to the programmes of the AZ Medien TV channel family on Saturday, 02 August 2014. For the first time, the TV channels Tele Züri, Tele M1, Tele Bärn and TV24 reached more than one million viewers in German-speaking Switzerland on one day (reach age 3+ / 24 hours: TeleZüri: 441,739 persons; Tele M1: 230,345 persons; TeleBärn: 211,299 persons; TV24: 163,949 persons). The overall market share (age 3+ / German-speaking Switzerland / 24 hours) was 3.13 per cent - the best figure for the AZ Medien TV channel family since the introduction of the Kantar system, according to a statement. This new record figure was based on the Street Parade 2014 broadcasts, which were aired on Tele Züri, Tele M1 and Tele Bärn.

Image: Keystone

During the live broadcast from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., the three regional TV stations achieved an average market share of 8.7 percent in the advertising-relevant target group 15-49 in German-speaking Switzerland. In the greater Zurich area, with a potential audience of 1,148,000, the average market share in the young target group was 26.9 percent. The peak value was reached by TeleZüri at 4:17 p.m. with a market share of 63.7 percent (15-49 years / greater Zurich area WG 43). The live broadcast was viewed on Tele Züri for an average of 52.83 minutes (dwell time per viewer / 15-49 years).

Markus Gilli, Editor-in-Chief of the AZ Medien TV channel family: "Breaking through the sound barrier of one million viewers is a new dimension and a very important step for the AZ Medien TV channel family. The drive of the Street Parade has electrified our TV values - not a trace of chill out ..."

Source: Mediapulse TV panel, InfoSys+, all target groups incl. guests, all platforms, overnight +7

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