Syndicom: should be fully integrated into Swisscom

After it became known that not only Tamedia wants to take over the online directory platform, but also Swisscom and Ringier, the Syndicom trade union is now speaking out in favor of a purchase by Swisscom. This would be better for the employees.

Giorgio Pardini, Head of the Telecom/IT sector, writes in the Syndicom report that the Tamedia publishing group has refused to engage in a constructive social partnership dialog with the relevant trade unions for years. Journalists have not been subject to a CLA for 10 years. Tamedia and the publishers' association have rejected every compromise proposed by the unions. The question of how Tamedia intends to secure financing for the announced takeover of is also unanswered, Pardini continued. Specifically, he asks: "How will the planned takeover be financed within the Tamedia Group?"

Swisscom, on the other hand, already holds a 51% stake in and has a right of first refusal, explains Pardini. Last year, a new company CLA was concluded with, whereby not only material improvements but also union participation rights were further expanded. Pardini believes that the consequences of a takeover by Swisscom are foreseeable: "A complete integration of into Swisscom and financing through own funds, which means that no other business areas have to fear disadvantages." In the interests of's employees, full integration into Swisscom would therefore be the only right thing to do.

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