SRF broadcasts live on Youtube

SRF is one of the first TV stations in the world to use YouTube's streaming function for "The Voice of Switzerland. The aim is to reach young viewers in this way.

SRF has been posting individual broadcasts on Google's video platform for some time. However, the fact that Youtube is also used for live broadcasts is new. As project manager for entertainment and programs Bernard Strapp explained to the newspaper Schweiz am Sonntag, this measure is intended to reach young viewers who neither watch TV nor know the existing SRF multimedia offering - but are interested in the show and the topic. SRF is keeping quiet about the costs for providing the streams. However, since Youtube has been offering the streaming function free of charge since the end of 2013, the expenses are likely to be on a small scale. Whether SRF will continue to offer live streams in the future will be decided by a data analysis after the last broadcast of "The Voice of Switzerland." (SaS/hae)

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