La Liberté will also be printed by Tamedia in future

Tamedia will print both Fribourg daily newspapers from 2015. Following the Fribourg News, an agreement has also been signed for the printing of the daily newspaper La Liberté.

This was said by the director of Tamedia Publications romandes, Serge Reymond, in the "Médialogues" programme on RTS television in western Switzerland. Tamedia and the Paulus printing works had been looking for ways to work more efficiently in the printing area, said Reymond. After it became known that the Paulus printing works would cease newspaper printing in Fribourg at the end of 2014, various options for printing the French-language daily newspaper La Liberté had been examined.

In June, St-Paul Holding had announced that some of the jobs at the Paulus printing works would be saved and the share capital would remain in Fribourg hands. The reason for the closure of the St Paul's newspaper printing plant was that the Fribourg News, as the most important customer, had decided to have the newspaper printed by Tamedia in Berne from 2015. The offer there is said to have been 40 percent cheaper. The closure had triggered public protests. Most recently, however, the Fribourg Grand Council refused in October to provide financial support for the Paulus printing plant. (SDA)

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