The look sees pink

The tabloid Blick will appear on pink paper on Friday as an exception. The reason: the entire issue has been booked exclusively by a single advertising customer.  

The optics chain McOptik, which operates throughout Switzerland, is celebrating its 15th anniversary in this unusual way. In the Blick of Friday, September 20, only McOptik advertisements will appear.

The campaign is for Switzerland's largest paid newspaper (720,000 readers daily according to the new Mach Basic 2013-2, reported) is a novelty: "There has never been anything comparable before," Ringier is pleased to report. With this campaign, Blick is once again underlining its willingness to come up with unusual, innovative and unconventional ideas in the advertising market. The media company assures that the special promotion is purely an advertising customer campaign. It is not associated with any editorial services.

However, the idea of using colored paper to cause a stir is not entirely new. Back in 2008, the free newspaper 20 Minuten colored itself yellow for a day for Rivella ( reported) - and thus caused comments (for example here and here).  


Already on Thursday McOptik made itself felt on the front.


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