FM1: Feierabend amplified and tomorrow refreshed

From 17 June, Katerina Mistakidis and Andreas Forster will accompany FM1 listeners into the evening. At the same time, the wake-up hosts are getting a new female voice in the form of Jasmin Barbiero.

FM1 is expanding between 4 and 8 pm: With Katerina Mistakidis and Andreas Forster, a team of two will accompany Eastern Switzerland home with music and the most important information from 17 June, according to a statement. The broadcast will also be extended by one hour. FM1 is thus reacting to the increased use of radio on the way home from work. FM1-Feierabend will continue to bring the stories of the day briefly and compactly to the point and offer all commuters the traffic service for eastern Switzerland.

New awakener

Jasmin Barbiero is the new wake-up caller at FM1. Together with "Chäller", "Morgen-Joe" and of course with the best music mix for the morning, she will accompany FM1 country into the new day. The 30-year-old learned the radio trade at and then presented at Radio Top before switching to the number 1 in Eastern Switzerland. Jasmin Barbiero succeeds Rosie Hörler, who will be heard in the FM1 daytime programme in future.

The awakeners (from left): Jasmin Barbiero, Chäller, Morgen-Joe

The Feierabend Crew: Andreas Forster, Katerina Mistakidis


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