Ten regional stations leave Mediapulse television panel

Ten regional TV stations have informed Mediapulse that they are leaving the TV panel. The stations, which are represented by the association of regional TV stations "Telesuisse", are not satisfied with the audience figures of Mediapulse's new TV measurement.

This is despite the fact that the new figures supplied to the stations since February 2013 only showed negative changes in individual cases compared to the previous year's audience figures, Mediapulse said in a statement. It regrets that the regional broadcasters no longer want to work with the data from the Mediapulse TV panel. In the statement, Mediapulse puts the significance of this step into perspective and sees the termination in particular as a political signal. It also continues to keep all doors open for the stations that have left.

These are the following stations: Léman Bleu Télévision SA, Vaud Fribourg TV SA, Canal 9, Canal Alpha Plus, Tele Bielingue, Stiftung Kabelnetzbasel (Telebasel), Tele 1, TVO, Südostschweiz TV and Teleticino. The ten stations mentioned above account for a total of around 3.5 percent of Mediapulse's revenues. As a result of the present termination, these stations will no longer receive any new measurement data with immediate effect, Mediapulse further writes. This means that the stations will no longer be able to provide their advertising customers with up-to-date TV measurement data.

The termination had two reasons, said André Moesch, president of the regional television association Telesuisse, when asked by SDA. On the one hand, he said, the figures still could not be used for work with advertisers, but on the other hand, the broadcasters had no confidence in the results. "We don't believe the figures are correct," Moesch said. There are huge fluctuations at some stations, he said. It's not possible to have 20,000 viewers one day and 100,000 the next, he said, adding that they are generally far too low for some stations.

It is still unclear how the regional stations will collect the figures in the future. Moesch went on to say that they could work with WEMF, for example. "Talks are underway. But nothing is certain yet. " He does not rule out a return to Mediapulse, however. The prerequisite, however, is that the system is optimized and reliable.
The 3+ station, which used a superprovisional injunction to ensure that stations must keep their TV ratings under wraps until further notice and are not allowed to pass them on to advertising marketers (Werbewoche.ch reported) has not resigned.

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