Youtube launches paid subscription channels

The video platform YouTube is becoming a bit more of a competitor for pay TV. The Google service launched paid subscription channels, initially as a test.

Video content providers will thus have the option of charging users a monthly fee. Google wrote this in a blog post late Thursday. The video platform works with 30 content providers, including "Muppets" producer Jim Henson and the promoters of the Ultimate Fighting series.

Soon, however, Youtube also plans to launch a self-service platform that allows users to create subscription channels. The fees can be set by the providers themselves and start at 99 cents per month. The providers can also decide whether or not they want to run advertising.

Youtube now has more than one million channels that generate revenue. Until now, this was only possible through a share of advertising revenues. The platform supports the development of channels with professionally produced content to complement television.

For new users of paid channels, a free trial period of two weeks is planned, Youtube explained. Until now, users have had to subscribe to the channels via a PC - but they can then also watch them on a smartphone, PC or TV connected to the Internet. (SDA)


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