Radio Grischa prevails against Schawinski's Radio Südost

Radio Grischa, owned by publisher Hanspeter Lebrument, has won through against Roger Schawinski's Radio Südost after years of rope pulling. The Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) has granted Radio Grischa the definitive licence.

The licence is valid until the end of 2019, as the Uvek announced on Wednesday. The licence had already been awarded in 2008 to Radio Grischa, which belongs to the Südostschweiz media group. Radio Südost came away empty-handed.

Schawinski and his partners then lodged an appeal with the Federal Administrative Court. They argued that the Südostschweiz Group was abusing its dominant position. The judges upheld the appeal, annulled the licence order and referred the matter back to the Uvek for a reassessment. Radio Grischa has since been broadcasting with a provisional licence.

Position not abused

The Uvek now came to the conclusion that the Südostschweiz Media Group dominated the market but did not abuse this position. There were no conclusive indications of systematic journalistic abuse. The diversity of opinion and offerings was not violated. In its decision, the Uvek also relied on an expert opinion from the Competition Commission (Weko).

The decision can be appealed again to the Federal Administrative Court. Schawinski and his partners reserve this option, as they announced. The decision will be taken after a detailed analysis of the "incomprehensible" ruling. (SDA)


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