New breakdown around TV data

Actually, the media agencies should have started analyzing the TV data yesterday at noon. That was what Mediapulse had promised them. But the agencies were once again put off shortly before the official publication date.

The TV data from Kantar Media's new Mediapulse measurement system was already delivered to the TV stations at the end of last week. With the new Infosys+ evaluation tool also provided by Kantar Media, the stations were finally able to evaluate the concentrated load of six weeks of data over the weekend.

The data had also been promised to the media agencies for yesterday, Monday at 12 noon. But this did not work out. Fifteen minutes before the official publication date, Mediapulse subsidiary Publica Data backed out. "We would like to inform you that we will not be able to deliver the TV usage data at noon today as announced," said the e-mail, which was sent to the agencies at 11:44 a.m. and marked "High urgency.

Corinna Schneider from Publica Data, who had sent the mail, did not want to give reasons for the short-term postponement and referred to Mediapulse spokesperson Nico Gurtner. He had also received the mail, but was not informed and could not provide a reason for the whole afternoon.

The agencies suspected that the new data had not yet been tested on the new Mediawizard planning and optimization tool from Publisuisse and Goldbach Media. But that would be important, because it must be ensured that Infosys+ and MediaWizard show the same data in an identical way in any case.

Whatever the reason, agencies and their customers will have to wait longer for figures and evaluations - until Wednesday, according to reports.

Markus Knöpfli

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