Mediapulse clarifies: Control Commission remains

Mediapulse responds to the article "TV stations are already evaluating new TV data". It is not true that the cooperation with the Media Science Control Commission has ended. In any case, it remains committed.

For years, the Media Science Control Commission MWK, headed by Professor Heinz Bonfadelli (University of Zurich), had the task of regularly monitoring Mediapulse's existing TV panel as an independent body. This will continue to be the case in the future, Nico Gurtner, spokesman for Mediapulse, has now announced. The MWK will also review the new panel and the composition of its sample and report on it annually, he said. A statement by Bonfadelli at the end of the article mentioned had been misunderstood. The cooperation with MWK is by no means over, he said.

However, it was correct that MWK was not currently involved in the panel and quota review. Mediapulse had commissioned two independent experts "who are familiar with Kantar Media's panel system". They had already begun their work. "However, no results are available yet," said Gurtner.

Markus Knöpfli

TV stations are already evaluating new TV data


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