Ralph Grosse-Bley leaves Blick - Andrea Bleicher takes over as editorial director

Editor-in-chief Ralph Grosse-Bley is leaving Blick. At the same time, Clemens Studer, Deputy Editor-in-Chief at Blick, is also leaving. Andrea Bleicher, previously deputy editor-in-chief of Blick and head of the news department in the newsroom of the Blick Group, becomes interim editor-in-chief.

After a stint at Sonntagsblick in 2001/2002, Ralph Grosse-Bley returned to Ringier on January 1, 2009, and took over as head of Blick in July 2009. Since June 1, 2011, he has also been Chairman of the Editors-in-Chief of the Blick Group. Ralph Grosse-Bley is leaving Blick due to differing views on the further development and organization of the Blick Group newsroom, according to a Ringier release Thursday. The separation is taking place on the best of terms, it said. Commenting on Grosse-Bley's departure, Ringier CEO Marc Walder said, "As editor-in-chief, Ralph Grosse-Bley has led Blick back to the core of the brand. He is handing over Switzerland's biggest paid newspaper in very good shape. I thank him for his great commitment."

Andrea Bleicher is taking over as interim head of Blick with immediate effect. Bleicher is a trained bookseller, graduated from the Ringier School of Journalism from 1997 to 1998 and worked as a reporter for Blick until 2000. She then worked as an editor and page-maker for the free newspapers 20 Minuten and Metropol. From 2002, she worked as domestic editor for the Sonntagszeitung. On May 1, 2007, Bleicher took over as head of the news department of Blick. On February 1, 2010, she became head of the news department in the newsroom of the Blick Group, and since fall 2012 she has been deputy editor-in-chief of Blick. Andrea Bleicher is the first woman to head the Blick editorial team.

Rolf Cavalli is taking over as the new Chairman of the Editors-in-Chief of the Blick Group. Cavalli is Editor-in-Chief of Blick.ch as well as Head of all digital channels of the Blick Group and has also been Editor-in-Chief ad interim of Sonntagsblick since November 2012.

Clemens Studer, deputy editor-in-chief of Blick, is taking the change in the editor-in-chief as an opportunity to take on a new challenge, the Ringier release continues. He is leaving Blick after more than twelve years. Studer was first a producer at Blick, then head of news (2002 to 2004), until 2010 page maker - from March 2009 also head of politics - and since October 1, 2010 deputy editor-in-chief Blick in the newsroom.

Ralph Grosse-Bley: Speculation about a change in Blick's editorship-in-chief

Image: Keystone (Ringier/Christian Lohse)


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