Mediapulse TV panel: Problems in data preparation resolved

The Mediapulse Board of Directors decided on January 31, 2013 that the release of the data from the Mediapulse TV panel will take place in the week of February 18.

The January data are available, their final check is in progress. The release will take place in mid-February. Mediapulse wrote this in a statement on Friday.

Since January 2013, Swiss TV ratings have been recorded using a modern measurement system from the internationally active company Kantar Media, which takes into account the new digital reception options and the ongoing individualization of TV offerings. Due to irregularities in data processing and allocation, there has been a delay in the release in recent weeks ( reported). The causes were identified as part of a comprehensive review of all data preparation processes and have since been eliminated, according to the statement. The data was then recalculated. Initial results from January 2013 are available to Mediapulse.

Once the data has been completed, Mediapulse's specialists will now carry out a comprehensive final check. At the same time, the interfaces to the various software tools for the advertising market are being tested.

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