"BZ in the school" goes into the second round

Following the success of the "BZ / TT / BO at school" project for the upper grades in 2012, a further eleven upper grades will be given the opportunity to make newspapers this year. They will each design a double page spread between March and December 2013.

This project is not only intended to give the school classes a practical experience with print and online media - it also offers them the opportunity to describe their view of a selected topic to the readership of BZ Berner Zeitung, TT Thuner Tagblatt and BO Berner Oberländer, according to a statement. From March to December 2013, the editors of BZ will accompany the classes for two to three weeks. The students spend a whole day in the editorial office, get a taste of newspaper life, meet an experienced journalist and delve into their chosen topic. In the further course, the teenagers research and write in groups with their teacher and with the support of the editor in the classroom for their double page. Finally, a delegation of two or three students travels back to Berne to produce the pages and receive the necessary support for the final touches.

Interdisciplinary topics

The students determine the topics together with their teacher - the final decision lies with the editors so that as many subject areas as possible are covered. The teachers are given as much freedom as possible in designing within the curriculum. In consultation with the responsible editor, a decision is made as to whether the project is to run for two or three weeks, thus taking advantage of the opportunity to cover the topics in an interdisciplinary manner. In this way, the subject teacher system is also taken into account. Various aids are available to the classes for independent work in school.

Revised offer

Already in 2012, the offer "BZ in der Schule" was successfully carried out (Werbewoche.ch reported). The resulting articles can be found at Bzinderschule.ch can be called up. In addition to the editorial collaboration, the classes have the opportunity to choose various additional modules. For example, they will receive the newspaper delivered to their classrooms for two weeks during the project, can take a guided tour of the Berne printing centre and see at first hand how the reports are put on paper, or get an update on electricity and energy from our project partner BKW.


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