Swiss TXT takes over radio live streaming from SRG

More than 30'000 simultaneous listeners from all over the world receive SRG radio programmes via the internet every day. Faced with rising distribution costs on the Internet, SRG is focusing on synergies with its subsidiary Swiss TXT.

Swiss TXT offers the radio livestreaming platform as a service. The majority of SRG radio stations were already migrated on 21 January 2013 - without any loss of performance for users. Already, according to a statement, between 15 and 20 terabytes or around seven years of added listening time of audio content are delivered to internet radio listeners every day. SRG expects strong growth in usage and has decided to switch to a live audio streaming solution from Swiss TXT. It thus relies on flexible distribution solutions that are operated independently of international CDN providers and bundle the distribution volumes of several media companies.

The company achieves the necessary scalability and availability with distributed delivery via two data centers. This guarantees the reliable delivery of content even during usage peaks - for example, during a federal council election or a sporting event. The platform supports all common formats and also allows individual geo-blocking of protected content as well as a detailed, clear evaluation of usage on the individual streams.

The majority of SRG radio stations were migrated to the new service on 21 January 2013 - without any loss of performance for users.


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