Ratings: Available by the end of January at the latest

With increasing impatience, broadcasters, the advertising industry and also the general public are waiting for the audience ratings from the new Mediapulse TV panel. The data should be available by the end of January at the latest.

The board of directors and the management of Mediapulse and Publica Data have therefore been working particularly intensively over the past few months and days on setting up and commissioning the complex system, according to a statement. The currency character of the television usage data measured by Mediapulse requires extremely precise quality assurance of all processes - from the recording in the 2,000 households to the recording of the approximately 800 reference signals to the weighting and data preparation for the 290 TV stations. It was therefore not possible to release data - even with minor discrepancies (Werbewoche.ch reported).

At the beginning of January, Mediapulse discovered during internal quality checks that a usage correctly identified in the audiomatching process was attributed to the wrong station. In addition, foreign stations with Swiss commercial breaks showed blurring in the allocation of broadcasts to the various country signals, but the commercial breaks themselves were not affected. Mediapulse immediately commissioned the supplier Kantar Media to solve the problems as a result of the irregularities discovered. As soon as the ongoing work is completed, the entire data will be made available from January 1. The release will take place by the end of the month at the latest, ideally earlier.

Mediapulse writes that it is convinced that flawless, high-quality data from the Mediapulse TV panel with its modern collection method will soon be available. As usual, the work will be checked by external experts. The Media Science Commission - supplemented by other specialists if necessary - will be commissioned to check the panel structure and the data immediately.

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