Syndicom outraged by CBA termination in the French-speaking press

The Syndicom trade union is outraged by the publishers' cancellation of the Press-Gav for Western Switzerland. It assured the journalists' association Imprint of its solidarity.

The aim is to prevent a relapse into the untenable conditions in the canton of Ticino and in German-speaking Switzerland at all costs, Syndicom announced on Saturday. In these two regions, the publishers have refused all negotiations for a new collective labor agreement since the Gav was terminated in August 2004 until today. The wages of freelance journalists have fallen massively, social security in individual employment contracts has deteriorated, and various publishers have refused any social dialog on restructuring measures. 

The association of publishers in French-speaking Switzerland, Médias Suisses, had announced on Wednesday that it was terminating the CLA and at the same time offered to negotiate a new contract with the media unions ( reported). The existing CLA runs until the end of 2012. Médias Suisses claimed falling revenues as the reason for the termination.

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