Swiss Post increases the rate for newspaper transport

Swiss Post is increasing the tariff for the loss-making transportation of newspapers and magazines. From 2013 to 2015, the price for transportation per copy will increase by 2 centimes each year.

However, the Swiss Media Association is not prepared to accept the surcharge. The current deficit in newspaper delivery amounts to CHF 101 million per year, said Swiss Post spokesman Oliver Flüeler in response to a report by Sonntagsblick. The 6 centimes higher rate would reduce the deficit to CHF 50 million in 2015. Out of consideration for the publishers, Swiss Post wants to stagger the increase. In the last five years, Swiss Post has only passed on the cost of subsidized newspaper transport to the media companies and, despite the accumulating deficit, has refrained from planned price increases out of consideration for the publishers, said Flüeler.
The Swiss Media Association will not accept the increase without further ado, as President Hanspeter Lebrument told the news agency SDA on Sunday. A meeting with the top management of Swiss Post is planned for the beginning of October. According to Swiss Post, the additional costs will amount to around CHF 10 million per year, said Lebrument. Whether the publishers would bear these costs themselves or pass them on to newspaper subscribers would be up to them to decide. According to Lebrument, the newspaper publishers are angry about the unexpectedly announced price increase without prior consultation with the publishers.
Swiss Post spokesperson Flüeler said that the publishers had already been informed in August 2011 that the price system for newspaper transportation would have to be adjusted. Before announcing the details, Swiss Post wanted to wait for the new postal legislation, which will now come into force on October 1. (sda)

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