Tele M1 and Tele Bärn expand their programmes

Tele M1 and Tele Bärn are redesigning their programming from 27 August 2012. This is made possible by the cooperation between the partner stations Tele Züri, Tele M1 and Tele Bärn, which have formed the AZ Medien TV station family since the beginning of this year.

"TalkTäglich" will be taken over by Tele M1 and Tele Bärn and enriched with regionally relevant topics and guests, according to a statement. Daily topics will be discussed from 6.30 p.m. from Monday to Wednesday (on Tele M1 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays until the end of 2012). Programmes on national topics will be broadcast simultaneously on all three stations in the family, while regional "TalkTäglich" programmes will be produced autonomously in Aarau or Berne. The new "TalkTäglich" shows on Tele M1 will be presented primarily by Werner De Schepper and Markus Gilli, and on Tele Bärn by Matthias Mast and Markus Gilli.

"Focus" - the daily talk on the spot

The daily regional reporting on Tele M1 and Tele Bärn is being intensified: From 27 August 2012, the programme "Fokus" will highlight an important regional topic of the day from Monday to Friday after the news. In a daily changing setting, the topic will be explained, analysed and assessed in a 5-minute short interview at the location of the event. The programme "Fokus" on Tele M1 is presented by the reporter team Anne-Käthi Kremer, Jonas Keller and Adrian Remund. Michelle Bernhard is the presenter on Tele Bärn.

Expansion of economic reporting

With the program relaunch, the business show "Geld-Tipp" on Tele M1 will have a new look and a new broadcasting slot. The show, presented by Martin Spieler, will now be broadcast at the end of the stock market week on Fridays at 7.20 pm and repeated on Saturdays and Sundays at 5.50 pm. The economic reporting on Tele Bärn is also being expanded: In addition to the daily stock market flash after the news, the programme "Geld" (Money) will now be broadcast on Fridays at 7.20 pm. In the 10-minute economic programme, the relevant events of the past stock market week will be analysed and classified. Presented by Claudine Fleury, the programme is repeated on Saturdays and Sundays at 5.50 pm.

Cinema broadcast on Thursday on Tele Bärn

Philipp Portmann presents the most important cinema novelties every Thursday at 6.50 pm. Short interviews with well-known stars and a viewer competition round off the show.

Werner De Schepper.

Matthias Mast.

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