Youtube: Faces can be made unrecognizable

Anyone uploading films to the video portal Youtube will be able to make faces unrecognizable in the future. This is possible "with just one click," Youtube announced on Wednesday (local time).

Youtube manager Amanda Conway justified the new function with the new role of Internet users worldwide: "They produce news and videos about human rights." Youtube, she said, is therefore providing them with the tools to help them do so. Conway cautioned that the new feature is not yet perfect: depending on the setting, light and quality of the video, sometimes not all faces would be recognized. Those who make faces unrecognizable, however, are first shown the video again and can then decide whether to finally upload it to Youtube.

According to a study published a few days ago by the Pew Research Center in Washington, YouTube is becoming increasingly important as a news provider. During the 15-month study period in 2011 and 2012, users searched there more for information than entertainment.

Youtube hopes that the new function will contribute to even more films being posted there, Conway explained. Thanks to "visual anonymity," people who would otherwise not dare to do so can also communicate.

Youtube belongs to the Google Internet group. According to the company, 72 hours of footage are uploaded to Youtube every minute. Four billion videos are clicked on every day. (SDA/AFP)

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