Study: Over seven hours of media use per day

The Time Use Study by Mediapulse records media use throughout Switzerland over the course of the day and shows that media use time is already around seven and a half hours per day. However, media consumption differs significantly depending on the target group.

At 461 minutes, the German-speaking Swiss have the longest average media use per day, around 10 minutes more than in Suisse romande and 20 minutes more than in Svizzera italiana, Mediapulse said in a statement. This means that we now spend as much time using media as we do sleeping.

These are the results of the Time Use Study conducted by Mediapulse in its latest survey in 2011/2012. In its fourth survey since 2006, the Time Use Study is the only study in Switzerland to link daily activities directly with media use. It is now also possible to distinguish whether media consumption takes place alone or together with other people. The study thus provides an insight into the everyday media life of all Swiss people and shows where specific target groups can be addressed with which media. The Time Use Study thus enables media professionals and the advertising industry to create an accurate picture of media consumption and the daily routine of specific target groups.

If we compare two different target groups, such as business commuters (full-time work outside the home, medium to well educated) and householders (not employed, no commuting), clear differences in media use become apparent. Whereas business commuters can mainly be reached via radio and Internet during work and only watch more television in the evening, householders switch from radio to television as early as the afternoon. Householders spend significantly more time reading newspapers in the morning and accordingly spend twice as much time doing so, while business commuters spend twice as much time on the Internet Another interesting difference: In Suisse romande and Svizzera italiana, television is much more firmly anchored and gains in importance as early as midday.

Overall, television clearly remains the strong medium in the evening, while radio dominates during the day. For large parts of the day, radio is the medium with which the Swiss spend the most time. Radio and TV thus remain the undisputed most important media in everyday life in Switzerland: The Swiss spend between 63 and 70 percent of total media usage time with these two media in all parts of the country.

The Time Use Study is based on a representative survey in all three parts of the country. A total of 3,200 interviews will be conducted. The study is available including online access at Publica Data available.

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