Swiss Media Association: 14.3 billion Swiss francs invested in media in 2011

The media market was able to grow in 2011: Revenues from the user and advertising markets totaled CHF 14.3 billion, 0.3 percent more than in 2010. The Swiss Media Association publishes this data in its Media Budget and Media Trends studies.

The Swiss Media Association presented its Media Budget study for the eighth time. In it, on the one hand, the expenditure of users on content, access and hardware for media consumption is surveyed and, on the other hand, the results of the Swiss advertising statistics are added up. The study thus presents the total revenues of the Swiss media industry in all its forms.

Last year, a Swiss private household spent 3,150 Swiss francs on media consumption. That is 230 francs more than in the previous year. Private individuals invest around 11.1 billion Swiss francs, 5.2 billion of which for content. Revenues in the advertising market increased by 3.2 percent to 3.1 billion Swiss francs. 75 percent of media executives rely on paid content on digital platforms.

The Swiss population spent virtually the same amount on the printed press as last year: 1.7 billion Swiss francs. Revenues from press subscriptions stagnated at 1.2 billion Swiss francs, while individual sales fell by 8 percent to 527 million Swiss francs. Spending on media-related downloads rose by 11.2 percent to CHF 546 million. Overall, the Swiss again spent CHF 5.2 billion on editorial content in 2011. It can be concluded from this: The Swiss remain loyal to their print brands, even in the digital media world, the association said in a statement Thursday.

The importance of subscriptions remains high, while media content is increasingly being used on mobile devices. Media executives who responded to the association's media trends survey are challenged by the financial crises and structural changes in the communications world, the association added. Many expressed the dilemma of keeping costs under control while investing in innovative offerings. The attitude that readers will be asked to pay for their own services on digital platforms in the future is gaining acceptance in broad circles. The introduction of payment systems is a demanding marketing and IT task, the association says of the study. In parallel, the commercial digital market is being further developed with advertising, service and sales platforms. The trend toward mobile communication platforms defined in the Media Budget study is changing information behavior.

The development of viable and sustainable business models is the challenge for all players in the media market.

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