Screen-up 2012: Call for Trailer Competition

This year, the Swiss industry event for audiovisual, electronic media, Screen-up, offers creative young filmmakers the opportunity to demonstrate their skills to the Swiss television market.

This year, the two organizers of the Swiss TV day Screen-up, Goldbach Media and Publisuisse, have announced a trailer competition in cooperation with Swissfilm Association. The competition is aimed at imaginative young talents and students who are to produce a screen-up trailer in the form of a visual jingle, a kind of logo loop in the form of a video interlude with moving images. Universities of Applied Sciences and corresponding schools or courses of study throughout Switzerland were invited to participate. The submitted trailers will be selected by a jury consisting of representatives of the organizer and the Swissfilm Association, as well as a creative member. The selected shortlist will be published under released for voting and also advertised in the trade magazine Persönlich.

The winning trailer will be shown at the screen-up on September 27, 2012 at Zurich's Kaufleuten and at broadcast. In addition, the winning team will be presented with a check worth 3'000 Swiss francs at the event itself.

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